Personalized Service

In our hurried modern world, personalized service is often sacrificed. Not at Buckle Up Shoes. We consider personalized service to be the foundation on which our company not on survives, but thrives. In many countries customer service goes beyond the stores with home deliveries, orders made possible via catalogues, the web or even call centers. Our sales associates are take customers’ satisfaction to heart, often developing customer relationships that transcend generations.

Fitting & Measuring

If you think you child's had a growth spurt, do pop in one of our shops where we'd be happy to check - alternatively, you can do this at home. The general rule is, that if a child's foot is right up to the end of the shoe, it's too small. There should be a thumb's width of space between the toes and the front of the shoe. Remember though, that shoes that are too big can do as much damage as those that are too small, so unlike clothing, it's not a good idea to buy shoes they can grow into!

In School Selling

Buckle Up specializes in school premises selling. With its movable furniture and fixtures Buckle Up is completely mobile giving parents the advantage to pay by Cash or Credit (sat elite GPRS machines). This selling system was devised to ease the travelling of parents from various school locations to our shops. This convenience also creates a uniform look in the school thereby giving parents choices on various designs within the constraints of the school disciplinary policy.

Quality. Service. Delivered.

We understands the shopping confidence afforded by a satisfaction guarantee. That’s why we guarantee our merchandise to be free of manufacturing defects. We will gladly accept any defective item for repair, refund or exchange at any retail location within the country of original purchase. We ask that requests for refund or exchange be made within 30 days of purchase, accompanied by the original receipt. We offer unbeatable prices and quality service at all our store.

Whether online shopping or at your local Buckle up store, you can expect our shoes to live up to its promises.
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